In todays digitised world, businesses are using new technologies to increase business efficiency by automating parts of the business process. One of these automations is the use of Chatbots, that interact with Users through conversational languages.

There are two types, AI based, and scripts based. 

Artificial Intelligence is a branch cognitive science. It mimics scenarios of human consciousness and thought patterns. While Chatbots created on AI are improving, there needs to be more development to make the conversation appear more real and Human. AI chatbots uses algorithms to process inputs and use the cloud to produce an intelligent human response. The need to connect to the cloud can slow the response time. Examples of these bots are SIRI and Cortana. These Chatbots are expensive to develop while requiring constant cloud access.

Scripted Chatbots are more common and used in a wide range of SMEs. These bots have the questions and responses scripted to make the appropriate responses. This process requires a team of experts who work and configure all the required answers for the frequently asked questions. Although this chatbot can’t dynamically answer any questions, it can reply to the scripted questions quicker than AI. The usual format requires the User to either input a number or word to move to the next question or phase.

One of the processes scripted Chatbot covers is customer orders or enquiries. Having this process automation not only increases efficiency but saves time with employees. Talking to a chatbot is less complex and faster than talking to a customer service representative. The main reason behind this delay is because the customer service representative will still have human limitations. Instead of waiting in a call queue, Users can ask questions from the Chatbot and get the response in real-time without delay. The Chatbot can record the relevant data from the User’s questions to create reports. This allows companies to understand customers needs and adapt the services and products based on the reports.

The efficiency of a scripted Chatbot saves costs, time, and manpower. This is because one bot doing the work of a whole call-team. The Chatbot will also keep records of all conversions, which the company can use to improve their customer data and services. WhatsApp is commonly found in any smartphone. Having a Chatbot use this platform not only simplifies the process, but also give a sense of human familiarity to the user.

WhatsApp Chatbot is a service can be set up by the iOM team. Make your business more efficient and cost-saving through WhatsApp Chatbot.