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A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), which maintains a comprehensive customer database allowing detailed analysis of buying patterns that gives you the ability to target market selected groups be it through letter template, mail-merge, email or SMS.

Tiered membership types and card types allow rewarding and redemption on a selective basis.

The stand-alone system allows updating and redeeming Rewards on-line through an Intranet or the Internet. For off-line usage points are updated on a periodic basis at the backend via a batch process.

Membership/ card numbers could be pre assigned; system generated or simply be the customer's social security or mobile-phone number. Supplementary cards as well as grouping of members further enhance the loyalty of customers.

Members can via the Web, update their Profiles, check their reward points and even redeem and print Redemption Vouchers either in their own name or in another's as a Gift Voucher. An easy to use system, allows the change of conversion ratios from spending to points to rewards at a click of a button.

Expiry and renewal criteria for both membership and rewards are user driven and do not require the intervention of technology experts!

iOM's LoyaltyTrak is designed with the objective of:

  • Retaining regular customers
  • Increasing the commitment of occasional customers
  • Attracting new customers