Initiating and running an online store can be considered the most fast-paced method of establishing a business venture. Easier access for just anything you wish for at the touch of a screen is what has revolutionized the world of e-commerce!

Then again, for an online store to thrive with a large customer base there are a number of things you need to look in to in order to create more customer traction. Instead of rushing off to set up your online store at first, let’s go through over a few factors which will be beneficial to consider in uplifting your business venture on an online platform.

  • Customer reviews

Quite possibly the driving force behind keeping your online store booming would be positive customer reviews, and lots of it. Reviews add value to your product as the quality of the product you are selling will be authenticated through a third party, validating the specifications of the product with which you introduce it to the market. In fact, it has been found that 58% of the consumers prefer to purchase from e-commerce platforms which provide customer reviews

  • Website layout

An attractive website layout will do wonders with increasing customer traction; because what better way to grab customer traction than with grabbing the customer’s attention, with an eye-catching website layout?! A great layout for your website designed professionally (inclusive of relatable, professional yet creative artwork) goes a long way in getting your product noticed by a wider customer base, as your website layout will flaunt your brand’s identity which enables your clientele to identify what your product offers efficiently.

  • Quality customer care

Nothing drives a paying customer away more than poor customer service. It is essential that you engage with the customer and assist them accordingly from the point of contact in order to make them feel that you are selling a reliable product to them. We all know how a bad customer service experience can spread through far and wide what with the use of social media nowadays by many, which could effectively ruin your product’s reputation.

  • Creative product descriptions

Writing a product description requires a lot of attention to detail, as there are many factors which you may want to consider before getting an exceptional product description. The style and creativity of the writing should be able to attract the potential customer’s interest while enabling them to make an informed decision in buying your product. It is also wise to create the product descriptions while keeping in mind your targeted clientele, and short and concise wording would keep your customers engaged in reading about your product more.

  • Hassle-free payment methods

After your customer has gone over the process of making the decision to buy your product and select the item, the final stage is to go over to the checkout page to purchase the item. Here, it Is essential that your payment method is made extremely easy for your clients as this may reduce confusion and unnecessary web traffic on your online store. It is best to have a number of payment methods made available so as to let your customers choose their preferred payment option, and make sure that the checkout page contains the minimum amount of distractions for the customers to keep them engaged till the final moment of purchase, giving them a great experience with doing business with you!

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