iOM, known for innovative Software Solutions for over 40 years has just announced a pioneering software application specifically for the hospitality industry, one that is most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The application enables Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels and entertainment venues to effectively record guest information that can help in tracing all persons who have been exposed to an infected person. Whilst the application has been designed to run on minimum resources therefore making it cost effective, it can be accessed using a secure web browser by authorised personnel.

Although people think twice about dining out today, this application provides guests / patrons as well as establishments the assurance that in the event a person has been identified with Covid-19 and has been at these venues, there is a mechanism for other guests / staff to be notified. This could either be that one has been exposed or be given the reassurance that one has not been exposed. This can be determined by the fact that has been an overlap / no overlap in the timings when one was present at the establishment / venue and when the suspect patient was present.

As such, any establishment that displays it’s ‘Trak ‘n Trace’ certification would naturally provide some form of reassurance to guests / patrons thereby improve the ‘feel-safe’ factor in these times of uncertainty and panic.

iOM is headquartered in Singapore with Development centres in Sri Lanka and Philippines. iOM’s growth and success is mainly attributed to its HRIS and Retail/POS Software Solutions that have been implemented across Asia and the Middle East.