In a groundbreaking move toward optimising workforce management and enhancing employee experience, Ajinomoto Corporation, a global leader in food and biotechnology, has joined forces with a premier Human Resources Information System (HRIS) vendor, iOM. This strategic collaboration is the second instance the two organisations have come into partnership. Whilst this HRIS implementation involves Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation, iOM (knows as EDS at the time) partnered with Ajinomoto Thailand to provide one of the earliest releases of the HRIS suite almost 30 years ago.

 HRPro aims to revolutionise Ajinomoto's HR processes, ensuring greater efficiency, transparency, and overall organizational success.

This renewed partnership between Ajinomoto Corporation (Philippines) and iOM marks a significant step forward in the company's commitment to creating a workplace that nurtures talent and fosters innovation. The HRIS solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with Ajinomoto's existing systems, streamlining various HR functions and enabling a more cohesive and efficient workflow.

The iOM Group has it’s head office in Singapore and subsidiaries in Philippines and Sri Lanka. iOM Philippines is also a multi award-winning Oracle solution provider offering iOM’s HRPro application as the preferred HRIS / Payroll solution customized for Philippines. iOM Sri Lanka has been providing HRPro for large Banks and conglomerates in Sri Lanka. 

As a global corporation, Ajinomoto requires a solution that can scale with its evolving needs. iOM’s HRPro is designed with scalability in mind, ensuring that Ajinomoto can adapt to changing business landscapes and continue to drive innovation in its HR practices well into the future.

The collaboration between Ajinomoto Corporation and iOM is not just a technological integration but a strategic alliance focused on fostering excellence in HR management. This partnership is a testament to Ajinomoto's commitment to its employees and the pursuit of operational excellence as well as iOM’s pursuit of supporting industry leaders.