The shopping habits of consumer have changed over the past few years, with the most changes taking place in early 2020. These changes are due to the massive growth of ecommerce, with shoppers opting for online shopping during the pandemic. The eCommerce market had grown by over 150% in early 2020 compared to 2019, with stores that sell fitness gear, hobby products, beauty products having a noticeable development.

The values of consumers have started to change from shopping experience and environment to focusing on safety, convenience, and availability. This along with the affordability of smartphones with large screens has given rise to the exponential growth in Mobile Commerce or mCommerce. The mobile platform makes it easier for consumers to:

  • Discovery of new products.
  • Compare prices.
  • Manage shopping lists.
  • Make purchases.
  • Make payment confirmations.
  • Review purchases.


The mobile eCommerce platform has blurred the line between the physical store and the online experience. Instead of having two distinct experiences, both experiences can be used in conjunction to optimize the shopping experience.

The simplicity of having control of the entire shopping process conveniently in your hands is very attractive to consumers. From viewing  products, managing the shopping cart, payment authentication and confirmation can all be done with ease. The use of technologies such as AI and predictive analytics have help match potential consumers with shops and companies.

For instance, if a mobile phone user clicks on an appealing advertisement, he/she can be instantly directed to the eCommerce platform leading to potential sales. These features help promote safety, convenience and availability and is becoming the new normal in marketing and buyer interaction.

Facebook and Instagram have been an ecommerce gateway for many budding entrepreneurs over the past few years. These storefronts are affordable address two of the more sought-after consumer values - convenience and availability. This is due to the absence of the ‘shopping cart’ functionality, requiring the consumer to have to directly contact the seller for details of stocks, delivery, and cost. This is not an ideal experience and can have a negative impact on potential sales. Having your exclusive eCommerce storefront would be the way forward if you want to expand and grow.  

Ecommerce solutions that are custom built to suit complement your product offering is the best way to attract new consumers. iOM digital store solutions check all the requirements required to impress consumers and enable seamless transactions using smartphones, tablets or computers. Don’t get left out, speak to the experts on storefront digitization!