iOM WebStore compliments iOM WinPos for Point-of-Sale and iOM Retailigence for Inventory and Distribution.

Retailors who currently do not have an Internet presence can very quickly go on-line with their merchandise and address a large consumer base that prefers to shop from home, as iOM WebStore can be interfaced with any back-office Inventory System.

The system is user-friendly and therefore even those who are not too conversant with online Shopping could easily navigate through the shopping process.

The iOM WebStore can accommodate any of the Payment Gateways available in Sri Lanka and Retailers can add value by partnering with a Logistics Company for delivery.

Built using responsive web design technology, the iOM WebStore can be accessed through any smart device, be it a Laptop, a Tablet or a Smart Phone.

The built in analytics gives the retailer invaluable insights on use of the WebStore with tools such as acquisition reporting, audience reporting, cohort analysis, custom reporting, performance reporting and site reporting to name a few.

  • Address a large customer base that prefers to shop from home
  • For a user-friendly online shopping experience
  • Ability to integrate to your preferred Sri Lankan Payment Gateway
  • Could be accessed through any smart device (Laptop: Tablet, Smart Phone, etc.)
  • Capability of interfacing your 'online' sales with any back-office ERP
  • A wide range of WebStore themes to choose from
  • Built-in analytics gives retailers invaluable insight into operations
  • Online Reports (acquisition reports, audience reports, cohort analysis, etc.)