Software Maintenance and Support Services

ISC - the International Support Center is iOM's helpdesk. iOM Customers report questions and problems over the web at any time, irrespective of their location. The system allows Customers to attach error reports and other relevant files to facilitate faster problem resolution. The Customer can view the progress and attention given to the problem using this system.

Once a problem is logged on to the web:

The Customer receives an immediate problem reference number (CRQ#) ISC is notified and moves into action; analysing and assigning a support person to the task. If ISC requires more information or wishes to communicate a solution, iOMHelp generates e-mail to the Customer. The Customer too can add his/her comments on iOMHelp.

iOMHelp takes Customer support to a different level:

  • Provides visibility to the customer of the progress of his/ her problem from 'Open' to 'Work in progress' to 'Resolved' and finally on the customer's confirmation to 'Closed' status.
  • Provides iOM with the ability to track, monitor and take necessary action in a timely manner.
  • As iOMHelp is web-based, it supports flexible e-mail based escalation of problems reported to senior management, coupled with total visibility from any location. iOMHelp is therefore a common support platform for all of iOM's products and services.
  • Different principals or vendors can be notified directly of problems reported in their proprietary software by including these principals in the iOMHelp e-mail escalation chain, thus making the problem resolution process more closely integrated.
  • iOMHelp provides the Customer a one-stop integrated support solution for their installations.