Retail and Point of Sales

Retailigence, the end - to - end solution for fashion retailers. From the POS (point of sale) to the back-office, up to financial control, the system is completely scalable, flexible and is an integrated enterprise solution.

The system is designed to address a wide spectrum of Retail industries and has specific features and functions to meet the needs of General Merchandise, Clothing, Footwear, sports goods and Fashion items.

By providing a complete, integrated information services infrastructure for your business on a single database, Retailigence also addresses the issues of system stability and security that are mission critical in the Retail business.

Retailigence includes:

  • Point of Sale
  • Hand held terminal data capture
  • Style, colour, size dimensions
  • Promotion and customer Loyalty management
  • Merchandising purchasing
  • Wholesaling
  • Financial integrator

Retailigence handles small to medium sized organisations and very large users with over 40million SKUs.